Noticing Nature

I’m sitting here with three bird books next to me, courtesy of Josh.  I’ve always thought I was the “go out into nature”/outdoorsy type of gal, but since marrying Josh I realize that I’m not…at least not as much as I thought.

I like the IDEA of strolling through a meadow, observing the flora and fauna, effortlessly identifying each trill from a bird, each track left in the mud, each butterfly that flits by, each flower that I stumble upon.

But reality hits me: mosquitoes, bugs, humidity, wet grass, itchy feet, and most of all-a gross lack of knowledge.

Things are slowly changing, however. My observant husband continues to point out things in nature and somehow, miraculously, things are slowing sinking in.  You will actually see me running out to our deck with a camera/binoculars to see what new bird has been spotted in our mulberry tree.  And I will admit that the more you get into it, the more you learn, and the more you learn, the more fun it becomes…..

Can you spot the birds that I tried to take pictures of?                                                      (bonus points if you can identify them):

Now if only Josh can convince me that camping is also fun… 🙂

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4 Responses to Noticing Nature

  1. Irene says:

    Well let’s see, the first bird is a brown bird, the second a blackie, the third a ROBIN :D, and the fourth a yellow breasted golden capped flitter.

  2. haha, Irene, you need to go to Point Pelee to pick up a few more bird names…
    The first one is a mourning dove, the second I’m not sure, the third is a robin :), and the fourth is a female tanager (I think, haha). But you were definitely creative!

  3. Lora says:

    this is trina. the first one is a south eastern bulkham bird, 2nd a nerfer picee bird,3rd a ROBIN,and the last one a westerc poyuter gfhhjweju3249/.'[puio bird. yes the last has numbers because it’s a special bird?! if u don’t believe me look it up in the dictionary

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