Crazy Cat Lady

Have you ever looked through old pictures and sighed nostalgically?   When I see the photos of my cats as kittens, I want to hop in my car, pull up at a farm, and whisk away two or three bundles of fluff and claws.  Josh said that if I lived on my own, I’d become a crazy cat lady and that he’s the balancing influence in my life.  Perhaps he’s right, but at this moment, I’d love to see a pack of kittens pile out of my shed when I open the door…

How can you resist them???

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2 Responses to Crazy Cat Lady

  1. Irene says:

    The thing I find most amusing/ironic is the fact that you were never a real big cat lover… funny how things change eh? I agree though Ange, they are the most darling things. I would love to have a pet right now, be it a bunny, kitty or pup

  2. It IS ironic… But the problem with have a cute baby animal is that they grow up. I still love my cats, but they are not as playful and down-right adorable. I think you’ll have a hard time convincing ma and pa of getting a pet. 😦

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