Coffee Table Dilemma Solved (for now…)

I love estate sales.  I love my husband who calls me from his work to tell me that he saw one on the way to work.  I love my hatchback that can accommodate furniture and other goodies.

I’m lending my camera out, so I can’t show you pics of the deals I got…. but maybe later this week you’ll get to see.  🙂  Meanwhile….I will show you what happens when I start buying second hand: I can’t make up my mind!  Enter the coffee table dilemma.

1) Our first coffee table was a gracious gift from the basement of my in-laws.  It served its purpose, but it was too big for our small living room:

2) Our next coffee table came from Craig’s list, but I decided soon after the purchase that it was too ornate for our living room. So we sold it and actually made a small profit:

3) Our third coffee table came from an estate sale.  It’s an old army chest (we think) and I still love it.  It’s now used as a side table in our living room:  Notice the red wall that I thought would look great, but I regretted and had to paint over.

4)  Can you believe we’ve lived in our house for one and a half years and we’ve had four coffee tables???  But now I’m set with our fourth and current one.  It’s an old factory cart from Grand Rapids that we refinished.  We actually have a few of them that we’re working on and that we’re going to sell.  So if you’re interested, let me know!  🙂

Phew!  No more coffee tables for a while!

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5 Responses to Coffee Table Dilemma Solved (for now…)

  1. Cornelius VanKempen says:

    Wow! now you can wheel the whole meal into the livingroom! What a great Idea!!!

  2. wkvwr says:

    love it! I saw one in a magazine like that for well over 200 bucks!

  3. I know! I’ve seen them in the mall for $700! It’s amazing what hard work can do….

  4. Sandra says:

    Ange, you’re ingenious! It looks great and totally matches your interior. I love checking out your blog, btw, and hope to post some pictures of how we’ve been making our house a home too 🙂

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