Estate Sale Finds

Have you ever searched for some kind of painting or decoration for a specific place in your house, and you couldn’t find one either in your budget or that you loved? Last week, I went junkin’ with two lovely ladies in my church, but look as I might, I didn’t find anything.

Enter this week’s estate sale: BINGO! I found a painting of a barn in an old barn-wood frame….and I love it!

The painting has already found its home: above the guest bed.  I’m itching to show you the whole guest bedroom, which I call the “cottage room”, but I need to refinish the baseboards and I’m determined I won’t take pics of the room until it’s finished.  But here’s a little sneak peak.

My other estate sale purchase was two bar stools.  I have the two that I refinished (as seen in another post), and Josh and I sit on them all the time.  But whenever my sister visits and we just want to hang out in the kitchen, there are not enough chairs.  So I was thankful to find these.  Although they are a cheerful yellow, I’m going to paint them white to match the kitchen.

Thinking about these purchases makes me smile, because I know that God directs my life- even in the smallest details.  I truly believe He brings gifts across our path, even household items that are beautiful or useful.  Of course we could fill our houses with “stuff” or spend way too much time and energy on material things, yet I don’t want to ignore His loving care (also known as providence)……even at estate sales.

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2 Responses to Estate Sale Finds

  1. Irene says:

    That’s awesome Ange!! I LOVE the picture… and thanks for thinking of me re: the bar stools! 😉

  2. Dor says:

    keep the cheerful yellow 🙂

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