Trees: Chopping and Planting

Josh and I often walk around our property, so thankful for the many big trees that grace our lawn.  There is nothing like feeling the cool shade, looking at the dappled sunlight, gazing up into huge branches, picturing a tire swing, or having to dodge walnuts as they fall, lol.  We have a nice variety, but still we are putting our stamp on our property by cutting down some trees and planting others.  If only trees would grow in one or two years to full maturity…..actually, I would even be happy with 10 years.  But when we plant, I realistically think that it’ll be at LEAST 20 years before we enjoy them.  And will we even be living here?  But still we plant….and water….and fertilize….and wait…..

One of our first “tree” projects was alongside our house.  As you can see, there is a run-down rusty fence, dead trees, and vines growing everywhere.  Ugly.

Our first step was to cut down the unwanted trees. The one “Y” shaped tree which is still standing has to eventually come down also, but we’ll save that for another time.  What we don’t have pics of is Josh wildly cutting with his chain saw and me trying to pull the trees down in the right direction with a rope!  🙂

The next step was tearing down the fence, which was more daunting.  The whole fence was buried two feet underground, which was impossible to dig up.  So we dug down, snipped the individual wires, and hauled the fence away to the scrap yard.

After the fence was down, we got rid of the weeds and planted grass seed.  Doesn’t it look much better now?  All we have to do is grind down the stumps now…

PS  After cutting down the trees, we found the property line and saw that they were actually not on our property!!!! Try to explain that one! But thankfully the neighbors didn’t even notice it were fine with it….

PPS Does anyone know of a free online program in which I could plot our property and place the trees, bushes, etc. to see how things will look when they are fully grown?  I’m itching to make some kind of plan, and am willing to use good old pencil and graph paper, but would be thrilled if something else was available.

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