Kitchen Light Re-do

Yesterday I said how I love antique lighting, which I definitely do, but I’m also drawn to industrial/retro/barn lighting.  My kitchen is less country than the rest of my house and a bit more retro…at least that’s what I’m aiming for.  Unfortunately, I made a mistake with the paint color (I now want the same color, but one shade lighter and one degree less shiny) but I’ll have to live with it for a while because Josh is NOT painting it again, lol.  It’s still a big improvement from the totally green kitchen.  Yes, the walls AND ceiling were green.

So on to the light.  The kitchen has a peninsula at which Josh and I always eat our meals. Above it was track lighting, which was nice, but blah…..

Pardon the mess. We were painting the ceiling.

So we took it down, sold it on Craig’s List, and purchased this light from Lowe’s:

I didn’t like the thin white cord that it was hanging from, and so I covered it with twine:

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3 Responses to Kitchen Light Re-do

  1. nicolette says:

    oh ange, you have such good ideas!!!!

  2. kmdutchlife says:

    Ange, I love it! It’s great the twine looks really good! I think it’s grea you have a blog now. I will have to start blogging again too. I will have to let you on my blog though seeing as it’s private. I will change the private setting…. XO

  3. actually jo says:

    Nice angie pangie…actually jo here, not irene. irene was the last one to comment. okay off to clean my house and get all crafty. it’s amazing all the jobs and tasks i think need doing when i should sit down and do school work. i’d rather clean a bathroom than mark a test. like the robin’s egg/turquoise colour, ange. those lamps are in style here too. i’m thinking of buying a HUGE wicker light from ikea and spray painting it beige with a few thinnish white strips. we’ll see…

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