Using the Free Outdoors to Decorate

Have you ever seen items from the great outdoors being sold at a store?  Hmmmm…. I’m paying for items that I could get in my backyard???

A great example of what I’ve used for decor is silver dollar plants.  Around this time of the year, the silver dollar plant has produced its seed pods:

Some of the seed pods have already shed their outer brown layers, while others have not:

But that’s no problem: just peel off the brown layers and you’ll have beautiful, silvery disks that reflect sunlight like giant pearls:

Try to find plants that have little damage to them and cut their stems.  After you’ve cut the plant, peeled off any brown layers on the “dollars”, and let your creativity take over!  You can use the silver dollar plants in a flower arrangement, or use bunches of them to make a bouquet.  I made a bouquet, placed it against an old window frame, and have it hanging in my living room.

You could also place the bouquet in a window, where it will shimmer in the sunlight.

What items from nature have YOU used to decorate your home?

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3 Responses to Using the Free Outdoors to Decorate

  1. kmdutchlife says:


    I have to smile at you! I just love the window pane you have hanging up in your living room. We found old shutters in France hanging on some old run down house and the owners gave them to us for free! They are now hanging on our living toom wall! I am planning on using more of that stuff for the baby room!

    Looks like we like the antiek look!


  2. I don’t know where I saw pictures of your French shutters (maybe from Jeanette?) but I am totally jealous!!! I can’t wait to see how your baby room turns out. Make sure you post pics. Isn’t it funny how our parents liked antiques, and now we do?

  3. Dor says:

    Well, my kitchen table is regularly decorated with an assortment of containers holding wildflowers in various stages of wiltment (?) and dandelions gone to seed…

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