Eat Less with Antique Dishes!

Eat less with antique dishes!  Sound too good to be true?  In many cases, it’s not!  If you are the type of person to pile your plate full of food out of habit, this is for YOU:

Overall, old dishes tend to be smaller in size than today’s dishes.  So piling up food on an antique plate verses a modern plate might mean that you eat less.  The antique plate is still full (and so subconsciously your mind thinks that everything’s the same), but the portion size is smaller.  Compare these sizes:

Dinner Plates:

Luncheon Plates:


The difference may seem small, but over time you could be eating less, as long as you don’t go for seconds.  Here’s just another reason to use your antique dishes.  🙂

Disclaimer: I have not officially tested the above statements.  This is not a proven weight loss program.  Use at your discretion.  🙂

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