Which Would You Choose?

Josh insists that he’s a pretty healthy guy, and that he eats his fair share of nutritious food. I’m afraid that at times I would depict things differently than he would, especially regarding some of his stellar examples.

Take, for example, raspberries: very nutritious and sweet.  I can pop them into my mouth like candy, but I also like to eat them with yogurt.  I place a large dollop of plain unsweetened yogurt on the bottom of my bowl, add some fruit, and drizzle pure maple syrup on top.  Maybe it doesn’t look appetizing (I had already eaten a few bites in the pic, haha), but it’s delicious!  I will admit that in the beginning I wasn’t a huge fan of maple syrup, but after a few days, I acquired a taste for it and now I LOVE it.

Josh imagines that his way is just as nutritious.  He places a bunch of raspberries in a bowl, and proceeds to douse it with half and half.  He then puts I-don’t-know-how-many spoonfuls of sugar over top.  Delicious?  Perhaps, but don’t ask how many grams of fat are in it!

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3 Responses to Which Would You Choose?

  1. nicolette says:

    ummmmmmmm, Josh, that ain’t healthy. AT ALL!!

  2. Irene says:

    eeeee half and half?? blegh that don’t sound appetizing at all!! maybe if it were whipped cream though… 😉

  3. Sandra says:

    oh so yummy, ange! and josh is going to have sugar problems at the age of 45 the way he’s going! 😉

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