You Can Call Me Dr. Andrea S. DVM

I recall that over a year ago, Josh was the one who suggested that we pick up some free kittens. He was thinking about mouse, mole, and vole control.  I wasn’t too sure, but still agreed.

Somehow, I’ve taken over the care of them completely.  I feed them, cuddle them, worry about them, and keep tabs on them.  The aspect I hadn’t counted on was becoming their vet.

Believe me, we’ve taken them plenty of times to the vet.  I am shocked by how many different things can go wrong with outdoor cats: grubs inside of them, fleas, heart-worms, and the latest was an abscess.  I am also shocked by how expensive the vet is.

A month ago, Bubba got bit in the tail by another cat and developed an abscess.  Since it was a bloody, pussy mess, we took him to the vet.  An expensive bill later, he was all fixed up.  I had to give him antibiotics twice a day for 10 days, which was quite interesting.  Imagine trying to get a liquid into a struggling cat’s mouth.  I figured out the technique, however, and things went smoothly.

Well, one week ago, Bubba developed another abscess…this one on his lower back. (As an aside, how is it that I always seem to notice the cats’ ailments, whereas Josh wouldn’t have a clue until the cat was half-dead?  Motherly instincts?)  Josh and I gulped at the thought of another vet bill.  So I was called in to be the vet, unless things got worse.

This was not for the faint of heart.  I had to clip his hair short, pop the abscess, clean out the puss and blood, and continue to keep the wound open and clean for two days. Nurses, I’m proud of how you handle things, because by the end of every session of putrid smell, my stomach was feeling nauseous.  BUT it was worth it, because the abscess has healed, we don’t have a big vet bill, and all that’s left is some short hair on the cat’s back.

You can call me Dr. Andrea S. DVM   😉

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4 Responses to You Can Call Me Dr. Andrea S. DVM

  1. Well, now you know what to do if you’re ever feeling like a career change. 😉

    My sister Cheryl just began an internship a veterinary clinic in town and nearly passed out from watching a cat get spayed. Can’t say I envy you ladies!

  2. kmdutchlife says:

    Agh Ange!
    I would have thrown up for sure! I gag now all the time in my pregnancy. I have this pantry under our stairs where I keep food and garbage bags etc. Even since I am prego I think it smells real bad although it really doesn’t smell that bad at all. I start gagging, and then I have to throw up from gagging! Imagine I had to clean out that wound? I would have hurled for sure!
    I am very proud of you!


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