A Tale of a Hunter

The tale of a hunter: written from the perspective of hunter #2.

I finally decided to go hunting with Josh after being asked multiple times.  It was somewhat different than I expected, yet absolutely relaxing and enjoyable!

It was beautiful weather.  The air was cool, but we were prepared and had multiple layers on.  It was still light, with hints of the coming evening.  Most animal life was still, and even we walked in silence, enjoying the beauty around us.

Josh strode on ahead, leading the way, while I scampered behind in my way-too-big coat.

A few gates were climbed over…

We passed Josh’s old tree stand that holds many fun dating memories…

A corn field was skirted around….

And finally we reached our tree stand, where we’d spend the next two hours…

It was quite a long ways up, and in the beginning it was unnerving to look down…

Josh and I waited patiently as the minutes ticked on, only hearing the rustle of squirrels scampering around.  We sat silently or whispered quietly, waiting…..waiting…..waiting….

It felt like being at a surprise shower, in which there’s lots of muffled laughter, giggles, comments, and shhhhhhhhh’s while you wait for the inevitable.

Finally we heard a SNAP! CRACK! from behind us.

Josh turned his head and spotted two deer.  As we turned around, the deer heard the noise, and ran a short distance off, their white tails bouncing like huge plumes.  They paused. Unfortunately, Josh could not get a shot at them from between all the trees and they walked off in another direction.

That was the end of the tale of a hunter.

No deer was shot.  But secretly, hunter #2 was a little glad.  It was fun to be there, but fun to return home with Bambi still bouncing around in the woods.  🙂

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