Black Raspberry Jam

This summer we had another bumper crop of black raspberries.  To think that when we first moved here, we were going to cut down the tangled mess next to our shed!  The next summer, we realized that the wild brush was actually black raspberries.

This summer, we picked about 8 lbs of berries (we were gone when the rest ripened), and threw them in the freezer for a future undertaking.

Last year, I had tried the berries in smoothies, but we didn’t like the seeds.  So this year, we decided to make jam, and yesterday Josh and I finally pulled it off.

                                     First we thawed our berries in warm water in our sink.                                  (somewhat impatient? haha)

Next, we mashed the berries with our potato masher:

Then we strained the mashed berries through a sieve:

We put the leftovers in cheesecloth and tried to get more juice out of it:

Looks pretty gory, eh?

The cheesecloth worked well for a little while, but then the seeds started coming through. We decided to skip the cheesecloth step and just strain the berries the best we could. Once we had the berry juice/pulp, the rest was just following directions from this:

                                   We used two packages to make 13 small jars of jam,                                     and with the leftover berries, we made some juice.

What kind of jam have you made or do you enjoy?

Any tips for me to use next year?

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2 Responses to Black Raspberry Jam

  1. nicolette says:

    if you do like smoothies, you can buy an expensive blender. mike and i have smoothies every morning, and the blender we have actually grinds the seeds so you don’t taste them….

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