Shake the Cobwebs….or Keep Them?

Sometimes I need to shake the cobwebs out of my mind and notice, well…….the cobwebs.  Do you ever pause to look at a spider’s web?  Or did you only do that when you were a kid? Now you don’t have time. Now you fiercely get rid of that disgusting sight.  Now you’re too busy to pause.  Right.

Some of the most fascinating and beautiful things I’ve witnessed have shown up because I slowed down.  They were there all along, not attempting to put on a show, yet breathtaking once noticed.

                                               Lounging on the porch with hubby,                                                                                             a wasp buzzes by on an unknown mission,                                                                                    but finds itself tangled in a sticky spider’s web.                                                                                          From a breath away, we watch.                                                                                          Spider deftly spins up the wasp-round and round,                                                                            even while Wasp struggles and furiously stabs                                           his stinger at the spider.  Spider wins.  Amazing.

                                           In the dusk of summer, watching the bats                                                                                   silhouette themselves against the evening sky,                                                                                 flitting in and out of the shadows of branches                                             flung up against the darkening day.  Stunning.

What really helped me to “notice” things was to take my camera along.  Suddenly, everyday items hold their own intricacies and mysteries.  Why do walnuts have a second fleshy protective layer around them (and acorns don’t)?  The following pictures are everyday pictures taken around my house or my in-laws’.

So shake those cobwebs, keep those cobwebs, and start LOOKING with new eyes:

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