Composting With a Pickle Barrel

Josh- ingenious man that he is- bought a used black pickle barrel last year from Craig’s List.  He drilled holes around the sides and bottom and he placed it in the sunshine where the black plastic can heat up when the sun’s out.

With the easy screw-top lid, its portability, and the easy maintenance, composting becomes a cinch.  We collect our compost scraps in a bin in our kitchen, and whenever it gets filled, we empty it into the pickle barrel.  Every once in a while (ideally once a week) we just tip the barrel over, roll it a few times, and then tip it back up.  Voila!  The compost inside has been turned and aerated.

By continuing to do this, every 3-6 months everything should be composted.  We just added a bunch of compost from our barrel to our new vegetable garden for next year.  It looks a bit messy because we added some material that hadn’t quite composted yet.  But I’m sure the veggies will love it next year!

                        From our tea bags, coffee grinds, vegetable peels, garden refuse,                       and eggs shell, we now have black gold!

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