Are You Thankful for Electricity?

“Did you hear that boom?  And see the flash?” Josh said excitedly.

“Huh?” I was still in dream-world.  It was 3:00 a.m. and it was the beginning of many problems, too many crowded in one morning.

Problem: if there was no electricity, how would we set the alarm?  -thankfully we had Josh’s cell (which has the most annoying alarm ever!!!)

Problem: how would we have tea with our breakfast when our kettle is an electric one? (yes, tea is a NECESSITY)  -boil water in a pot on the gas stove, using a match to light it

Problem: how would we have our usual toast for breakfast?  -skip boring toast and have fattening donuts instead!  Josh all-too-eagerly ran off to Sandy’s Donuts.

Problem: how would I know if school had no power and was delayed?  How awful it would be to get ready for school and arrive to find out that it was cancelled! Our phone is connected through the internet, the computer wouldn’t work of course, and our radio didn’t work either.   -Josh listened to the car radio on the way to the donut shop and scouted around the neighborhood.  Apparently it was a VERY local black-out.  Shucks!

Problem:  how could I shower in the dark with no hot water?  -don’t shower, haha, even though the thought of that makes everything itchy.

Problem:  how could we possibly eat breakfast and get ready for work in the absolute dark?  -candles, candles, and more candles.  We had all kinds of scents going on:  green apple, aloe vera, coffee break, apricot tart.  See men?  Candles come in handy sometimes!

Problem:  how could I teach without straightening my frizzy bangs?  -bring a straightener to school, sneak into the teacher’s bathroom, and do it there!  🙂

All I know is that now I have something new to be thankful for each and every day:



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One Response to Are You Thankful for Electricity?

  1. Irene says:

    Heehee I like how you make an ordinary power outage such a drama!

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