Step One: Rip out the Carpet!

Step one for Josh and me has been: rip out the carpet!!!  The day we bought our house, we ran over to look at it at night.  Examining the dining room carpet, we decided to rip it up (right then and there) and refinish the hardwood floors underneath.

So when it came to our guest room, step one was to rip up the blue carpet.  To be honest, one section of it smelled like cat urine, so we had no choice but to get rid of it.  I was hoping for hardwood floors underneath, but instead we found some paneling glued face-down.  Yuck!

After ripping up the paneling, the subflooring was exposed. Even though we were unsure of what to do at that point, we painted over the cat urine spot with an odor-sealing paint.

The big dilemna then was: do we re-carpet the floor, or do something else?  We didn’t have hardwood floors that we could refinish, we didn’t want to put laminate wood in, we couldn’t afford real wood, and so carpet seemed like the only option.  We went to various carpet stores, but I was shocked by my taste, and hence the prices.  It seemed that I was drawn to the more expensive carpeting, and the cheap stuff just didn’t cut it.

We were stuck!

Sitting down for a quick dinner at Steak ‘N Shake after visiting Home Depot, an idea suddenly popped into my mind.  What if we painted the subflooring and put a big rug on it?Beautiful rugs can be pricey, but still cheaper than carpet!  And paint is pretty cheap too…

Back at home, we looked at the flooring and decided that it could be done.  BUT, one drawback suddenly popped up.  If Josh was upstairs in our guest room, I was standing below in our room, I could hear almost every word he said.  The carpet and paneling had provided a sound barrier that we had ripped off.

The solution was to put insulation between the upper and main floor.  This would also help with our heating costs.

Josh had to rip up some rotten boards, and we used that opening to pump in the insulation.  I stood outside the house, pushing bales of insulation into the machine while Josh directed it under the flooring.  It was a messy, smelly job.

After screwing in some new boards and cleaning the floor, we painted the subflooring with three coats of white porch paint, following the directions.  So far we’re happy with it and love the result.

We also decided NOT to go with a huge rug after hauling three different rugs up our narrow stairs, and then deciding it wasn’t the right color/look and returning them to the store.  🙂

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4 Responses to Step One: Rip out the Carpet!

  1. Sandra says:

    Oh Ange, I LOVE it! The original flooring with the white porch paint gives the perfect touch! Are you taking bookings for this summer? 😉

  2. Lora says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize how much you did to the room. I know you must have told me but pics make it more vivid. You guys are a good team. It looks great! I love how you pay attention to things like the noise issue and took care of it. Good job!

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