Simple Details Make a Difference

The simple details in a room can make a world of difference.  Since our guest room has a white floor and pale yellow walls, the pops of color come from accessories.

an old mustard-yellow lamp– picked up at a garage sale

I love the detail on it:

an old fan– from our church when the fans were taken down from the walls

white metal bucket with an afghan-  crocheted by a woman from my former church

a blue chippy chair-  donated by my mother-in-law

white pillow-  sewn from my old skirt  🙂

more chippy detail:

vintage books and a Willow Tree figurine

Plump Pewter Lamp:  base from a garage sale, shade from IKEA

Flower knob on the nightstand

Barn Art-  snatched up at an estate sale

And finally….

A small wood butterfly picture-  given to me by Josh while we were dating  🙂

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