Out with the Hosta- in with the Holly

A while back, I asked your advice on what to plant in front of our house.  Thanks for all your input!  Here’s a pic to remind you of what it looked like this summer:

The hostas were too short, so we decided to replace them.

We planted:


mountain laurel

sweet spire- “little Henry”

This is how our front looks now:

A little pathetic, but have no fear.  In a few years, it’ll look like this!  ……we hope

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4 Responses to Out with the Hosta- in with the Holly

  1. Lora says:

    Hey Ange,
    It’s going to look great. Is the Holly a mini one? Around here they are trees. What’s the tree to the side? Is that hydrangea by the steps?

    • The holly is not a mini one, but it’s a bush that grows 6-8 foot, but can be pruned to maintain a smaller size. The tree to the side is an hydrangea tree, and yes, we have “Endless Summer” hydrangeas by the steps. Of course all of the plants will not be blooming at the same time. In the spring, we’ll have the sweet spire and laurel blooming, and in the summer we’ll have the hydrangea tree and bushes bloom, and in the fall/winter the holly will have berries.

  2. wkvwr says:

    Holly, Laurel and Henry! You could name your kids after your landscaping! I like your foresight!

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