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Can’t Believe It!

Ok, I feel like a bad blogger because I haven’t been on in a while.  But, for two weekends in a row, I’ve been entertaining my lovely family from Canada, and have been occupied with other various duties. Anyways, today … Continue reading

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It Felt Wrong, Somehow

Our piano was free.  We had a bunch of guys help us haul it from the original house to our house.  It had sounded quite nice in the original house when we went to look at it, and I was … Continue reading

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Maximize Space- Minimize Clutter

Our house’s limitations (its age and size) can be frustrating.  The walls are not square and there is little closet space in the main living area.  We also do not have an official entryway either by the back door or … Continue reading

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Nanaimo or Vamino Bars?

Josh and I argue over what to call these delectable bars.  We’ve done google searches, and as a result, I think I’m definitely right, but Josh is still not convinced. But no matter what Josh calls it, it’s still wonderful … Continue reading

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Lessons from an Apple Crumb Pie

Have you ever baked a pie completely from scratch?  I’ve always admired my mother-in-law who seems to whip out delicious pies and have them taste great every time.  The times I’ve tried, the crust was either tough or the filling … Continue reading

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Exercise…in order to exercise more

In the past few days, I’ve been inspired to start seriously exercising, using my exercise DVD I bought ages ago.  I’m not too worried- the feeling will eventually pass like it always does.  🙂  But currently, while I’m still inspired, … Continue reading

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If Josh is the Gardener…

You’ve probably noticed throughout my gardening pictures that Josh seems to be the only gardener in this household.  It’s somewhat true.  My experiences in the garden tend to be unplanned…. Josh: Come look at our new blueberry bushes.  Where should … Continue reading

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