Raised Garden Bed

A month ago, Josh and I converted our wild veggie patch into a raised garden bed. Here’s what it looked like before:

The garden is perched on our hill because that’s the only place that has enough sunshine:

Why have a raised bed? there are several reasons: the ease of amending soil, the ability to level the garden since it’s on a hillside, and the general aesthetics.

Our first step was to purchase landscape timber.  Although they are a fresh wood color now, they will age to a soft gray. After that, it was a matter of lining up, drilling, and nailing. The challenge was to place the timbers into the hillside, keeping them level.

If it looks like my dear hubby did all the work while I took pictures, rest assured that I was in there too: drilling, hammering, shoveling, being opinionated, and of course being useful.

The outside frame is complete:

We then added our own compost…

…and a layer of leaves and some extra soil.

We’re hoping for a bumper crop next year.  We plan on making another raised bed next to this one on the hill next year. Our hill will eventually be our food factory, with raspberries or perhaps grapes as well.  We’re still dreaming and figuring out what will work best.

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4 Responses to Raised Garden Bed

  1. Dor says:

    Awesome, Ange! You put me to SHAME! My tomatoes were struck with blight this year (due to irregular watering) and the zucchinis got big but never soft enough to eat, the strawberries bore 4 or 5 berries, the pepper plant yielded a beautiful, perfect 1 inch pepper, the mini cucumbers were indescribably bitter, the lettuce was bearably bitter, then grew to 4 feet in height resembling something of an evergreen before I hacked it down, the broccoli kept growing and growing and sprouting little broccoli-like things, but never in a nice dense head that I could cut off, and the beans were few in number but okay! Like I said, these things need water, hey? It’s our third year of veggie gardening and definitely the worst…maybe again when Damaris is a little older 🙂

    • Hahaha! We’re hoping for a better next year ourselves! Our tomatoes turned out great and so did our zucchini, but that was about it. The beans grew well, but I think we got cheap seeds and so the bean were quite tough. Also, our cucumbers were bitter, and our sweet peas were not the greatest. Our big lesson this year is to get quality seeds next year. Hopefully that will make a big difference! And yes, watering is essential…. 🙂

  2. It’s so cute to see you two working together at home! I can see that while you are working you can enjoy each other!

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