If Josh is the Gardener…

You’ve probably noticed throughout my gardening pictures that Josh seems to be the only gardener in this household.  It’s somewhat true.  My experiences in the garden tend to be unplanned….

Josh: Come look at our new blueberry bushes.  Where should we plant them?

I stroll over with a coffee in hand.

Me: That spot looks great.  Maybe about a foot or two apart?

Josh: Ok, I’ll get them planted right away.  Can you just get a shovel? and the fertilizer?

Me: I’m still wearing my good clothes!

Josh: Don’t worry about that!  I’ll do the digging.

Hmmmmm…how did I get dragged into gardening?  Better put on Josh’s rubber boots!

After getting the supplies, Josh casually mentions:

Josh: You won’t have to dig, but can you make little trenches around the bushes for the water? And can you get the hose while you’re at it?

And so begins a typical hour of gardening for me…..

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2 Responses to If Josh is the Gardener…

  1. Dor says:

    Hilarious….Josh ain’t a salesman for nothin’, Ange. He’s selling you a lemon of a job — in your good clothes too! j/k Looks like you’re lovin’ it 🙂

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