Lessons from an Apple Crumb Pie

Have you ever baked a pie completely from scratch?  I’ve always admired my mother-in-law who seems to whip out delicious pies and have them taste great every time.  The times I’ve tried, the crust was either tough or the filling was not to my husband’s taste and so I had to eat the whole pie myself.  I decided that I was never going to bake a pie again.  Plus, the frozen pies that the ladies from my school prepare from scratch are oh-so-good and therefore have been my steady source of pies (I can manage to bake them).

But last week, I was determined to try once again and make another pie: apple crumb pie.  I carefully followed the directions for the crust (including every tip guaranteed to make the crust tender and flaky).  I peeled the apples, made the crumbs, and tenderly placed my pie in the oven.  After it was cooked to perfection, I eagerly waited for it to cool down.

I sliced myself a piece and bit into it.  By George! The crust was tough!  And the apples tasted sour!  And the crumbs didn’t seem right!  I grimly looked at the offending pie.  Josh was expecting something delicious when he got home, and this is what I had to offer him.  Btw, Josh gives the best critique regarding food.  He is never rude and always encourages me, but he has a keen sense of what could be changed in a recipe, what spices or ingredients could be added, and how it could taste better.

Well, Josh came home and I explained the whole sad state of affairs, needing a hug of course.  He still wanted to try it, regardless of my complaints, and when he had a little, he said it was just fine.  The apples could have been a smidgen sweeter and the crust was a little tough on the outside, but the crumbs on the top were excellent and overall, he thought it was a great pie.  And when Josh says that, it’s like getting an A+   YAY!

Lesson learned: don’t be too harsh on one’s own work.  Often it’s better than you think.

And so maybe next week I’ll try another pie….using a new crust recipe, of course!


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4 Responses to Lessons from an Apple Crumb Pie

  1. Sandra says:

    Had to howl at the ‘by George’ part! I can just hear you saying it. I’m sure you’re mother-in-law didn’t learn the art overnight – take heart Ange!

  2. nicolette says:

    ha! i laughed at the “by george” comment, too. love your blog, angie! don’t beat yourself up too much about the food you make – it’s a silly roth thing to do cause i do the same thing…
    love you

  3. Dor says:

    Ange, I DO have the perfect crust recipe for you. I have only baked one pie in my LIFE. And I wasn’t too particular about it, just sort of hacked at the recipe, and it came out perfectly delicious. That may have been because I was assured by the one who gave me the hand-written photocopied recipe that it was absolutely the best crust ever…. Is your interest piqued yet, or WHAT?

  4. Dor, you MUST email it to me! You can’t post a comment like that, and then not follow through! I am expecting the email within the next week! 🙂

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