Maximize Space- Minimize Clutter

Our house’s limitations (its age and size) can be frustrating.  The walls are not square and there is little closet space in the main living area.  We also do not have an official entryway either by the back door or the front door.  The limitations, however, push us to stretch our creativity and try to make every space count.  We have a LONG way to go, but here’s something we did to maximize space and minimize clutter.

Our back door opens right into the kitchen, with a small closet on the right.  There was no shelving in the closet, and so about four pairs of shoes could tidily fit on the bottom, along  with the vacuum, recycling, and bottle returns…..but instead of keeping itself neat, it tended to be a mass of mixed up EVERYTHING (including 10+ pairs of shoes).

Two solutions have now kept the area clean and, for the most part, clutter free:

solution #1  Mr. S built six storage shelves in the closet:

Solution #2  I bought an old crate at a garage sale and use it for storing flip-flops or other shoes.  The crate is decorative AND keeps the rug clutter free.

What did YOU do to maximize the space you’ve got?

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4 Responses to Maximize Space- Minimize Clutter

  1. nicolette says:

    by george, ange. how did you get so clever???

  2. Sandra says:

    oh nic – you’re a hoot!
    We’ve also got a small house (medium by Dutch standards) and I’m always looking for ways to store things tidily and decoratively. In the hallway for example, I’ve got a narrow table and underneath two baskets. Instead of having David’s boots, shoes, crocs, etc flying all over the place, they’re nicely all together in a basket. Saves a lot of straightening up too! Baskets are ideal – they look nice and you can hide a lot of stuff inside. I’ve got them all over the place – toys, toilet paper, magazines, etc. Ikea also has ingenious storage ideas for small spaces. No wonder it’s such a popular store here!

  3. Oh, to have an IKEA close by in MI…..But it’s probably good that I don’t, because I would spend too much money there!

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