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Josh’s Orchid

I could pretend that the beautiful orchid perched on a windowsill was a gift from Josh.  I could write a beautiful post on how thoughtful my husband was in giving me a gorgeous flower when I was feeling down, etc. … Continue reading

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A Smashing Game Recommendation

We’re finally back from Canada, where we played a ton of board games with my siblings.  Most of my brothers and brother-in-laws love games, and if you weren’t aware of it yet, Josh and I do too!  We’re known to … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Daughter

Josh sometimes says that when he interacts with my mom, he knows what I’ll be like in thirty years.  He’s right.  And I’m glad.  I would love to have my mom’s cheerfulness, kindness, hospitality, laughter, her gezellig nature…..and even her forgetfulness. … Continue reading

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Christmas Reflection

Christmas is almost here.  Are you ready? Better than flashy, expensive gifts, I love thoughtful ones.  The adorable scarf I received from Josh spoke volumes. He noticed that I loved it and secretly went back to the store and bought … Continue reading

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Fifty Pounds of Butter and “Anne of Green Gables”

Yesterday I bought fifty pounds of butter.  Yes, fifty.  The reasons?  First, it’s on sale at Meijer for $2 a pound.  Second, I’m buying for my Canadian relatives, who are burdened under the taxing price of $3.49 a pound.  So … Continue reading

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Before and After Wreath

Last January, I bought a wreath on clearance from Home Depot.  My Dutch heart was very proud of it (getting it for such a steal!), and I hung it up for a month or so.  This winter, I hauled out … Continue reading

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Old Things Become New (in decorating)

 I recently inherited my opa’s old tool box.  My mom knows that I have a “thing” for old stuff, and I was delighted to take it out my parent’s garage where it was collecting dust. I didn’t use it for … Continue reading

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