Old Things Become New (in decorating)

 I recently inherited my opa’s old tool box.  My mom knows that I have a “thing” for old stuff, and I was delighted to take it out my parent’s garage where it was collecting dust.

I didn’t use it for storing tools, but instead….

…..I made it my centerpiece in my family room and filled it with Christmasy items!

In the tool box from left to right:

a “tree” with red berries, a red bucket full of real greenery and pine cones, and a poinsettia.

 For the “tree”, I found a dead branch that had lots of mini branches coming off of it.  I then randomly hot-glued little red “berries” that I already had to the branches.  I placed a hedgehog (?) I already owned under the tree.  To keep the tree sturdy, I placed it in an pretty, glass canning jar and put pebbles found in my garden into it.

For the middle greenery, I placed some wet floral foam in a red tin tub, cut some fresh greenery, and had a hay-day shoving it all in.  I then wired some pine cones onto floral wire and stuck them throughout the greenery.

For the poinsettia, I just bought a cheap $3 one, and then I wrapped the container in old sheet music to replace the bright green foil wrap it came in.

The left end is (obviously) decorated with a wooden candy cane, fresh greenery and some fake berries, all tied on with twine.

The right side has a simple burlap bow.

I’m hoping this will last quite a while, as long as I keep watering the foam.  😉

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7 Responses to Old Things Become New (in decorating)

  1. Susanna says:

    love it!!!!!

  2. Lora says:

    Wow Ange, looks great! Love that it has history too. Hey you rearranged your furniture. I like it. BTW I have some lamps for you if you want them. Will send you pics and am willing to haul them to canada at christmas. See you soon 🙂

    • Thanks, Lora! Yes, we rearranged our furniture because we got rid of the piano. The room does look a whole lot bigger. I still want a piano, but I don’t want to give up space for it. Looking forward to getting the pics from you!

  3. Sandra says:

    Ingeniuos!! I love it. I’m still looking around for a couple of twigs of evergreen for my centrepiece but can’t seem to find any evergreens around, and I can’t bear the thought of using a fake one. This would sell easily for 40 bucks in a flower shop!

  4. Thanks, Sanny! And I agree that the fake greenery doesn’t cut it, unless you absolutely cannot find real. Thankfully we’re blessed with plenty of evergreens all around. Have fun decorating! And show us your centerpiece when you finish it!

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