Before and After Wreath

Last January, I bought a wreath on clearance from Home Depot.  My Dutch heart was very proud of it (getting it for such a steal!), and I hung it up for a month or so.  This winter, I hauled out the wreath and looked at it more critically.  It was definitely NOT my style:

Should I ditch the wreath and buy a new one? I felt guilty. Maybe with some tearing apart tender loving care, I could transform it. First I took off all the fake fruit.  That wasn’t enough, however, and soon I took off all the gold leaves and even the pine cones.  But now I was left with a plain wreath.  I wanted to run off to the store to buy some decorating items (ribbons, natural looking berries, plain pine cones, etc) but then I thought, why not challenge myself by decorating it with whatever I had on hand?  I scurried to the basement, looked around the house, and after several different attempts, this is what I came up with:

And here it is, hanging on our front door:

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