My Mother’s Daughter

Josh sometimes says that when he interacts with my mom, he knows what I’ll be like in thirty years.  He’s right.  And I’m glad.  I would love to have my mom’s cheerfulness, kindness, hospitality, laughter, her gezellig nature…..and even her forgetfulness.  😉

And of course I can’t forget her love of cream and sugar sets.  From as early as I can remember, my mom has loved them.  She would exclaim over whether it looked like the creamer would pour well and how cute the set was.  Well, I think the sugar-and-cream-set bug is starting to bite me.  BTW, does the average American even own or use these sets?

I love the one I received from Irene when we were first married.  It’s modern looking and VERY chic and we use it every day:

But it never hurts to own a second set, right? I got a another one from Josh for Christmas:

Hmmm….I wonder what my third set will one day look like?

P.S. Christmas break has started and I’m LOVING it!  Can’t wait to see my mom again and see what new observations Josh will come up with, lol.

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5 Responses to My Mother’s Daughter

  1. Patricia says:

    Nice Andrea! My mom collected cream and sugars for years (from auctions/garage sales etc) and has over 40+ sets. My dad even built a special shelf all around the top of the kitchen for her to display them. I like the new white one. Keep collecting!
    btw…more often than not, I just use the cream carton from the store even though I have about 5 sets myself!
    Tricia K

  2. Lora says:

    I LOVE the new one. Tell Josh he has good taste. I believe I have 5 or 6 sets myself. I use them with company. Otherwise it’s the stainless half and half holder and a pottery sugar bowl. I do love dishes, lamps, fabric and a few other things mom loves too. Must be hereditary.

  3. Marcia says:

    I can’t think of a nicer woman to take after. I collect them too, but now that the hutch is pretty well full, I’ve called a moratorium on buying any more. The last one I found on ebay; it looks like the Dutch pewter, but is from a former Connecticutt company called Web Pewter. Enjoy!

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