Josh’s Orchid

I could pretend that the beautiful orchid perched on a windowsill was a gift from Josh.  I could write a beautiful post on how thoughtful my husband was in giving me a gorgeous flower when I was feeling down, etc.  Although Josh can be very thoughtful, not this time.  This time he was determined to have an orchid…not as a gift for me, but purely for his own reasons.  You see, he has a green thumb, and I don’t.  This husband of mine could spend hours in a greenhouse wandering through the aisles of plants and fertilizers.  As a couple, we have visited Fruitbasket Flowerland countless times, and almost every time Josh has pulled me over to the orchids to admire them.  And so, this year he was determined to purchase one (last year it was a Norfolk Island Pine that struck his fancy which we had to buy).

And so, although I am permitted to enjoy its beauty, the orchid is his orchid.

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