A Woman’s “Idle” Gaze

Whenever I plop down in a chair and idly gaze around a room in our house, Josh gets scared.  He immediately assumes (and rightly so) that I’m critiquing things and will soon come up with a new home improvement project.  In his mind, my glance means a visit to Home Depot, or perhaps hours of painting, or maybe some fabric shopping (I confess I have dragged him to a fabric store several times, which is NOT his cup of tea).

But to me, it means beautifying our home, making it cozy, being resourceful, being thrifty with what we have, and enjoying the process of creativity.  And yes, I’m feeling the itch to do something even as I sit here and type.  We’ve almost finished painting our picnic table (which I’ll show once it’s finished), and so it’s time for something new.

Hmmmm….Josh is gone right now.  What plan can I scheme up before he gets home?


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4 Responses to A Woman’s “Idle” Gaze

  1. Lora vg says:

    Ha, ha. So true. And it gets scarier when you start shifting furniture and taking pictures off the wall. Then they really get scared. I don’t believe I ever took Scott to a fabric store. But I have dragged him to IKEA against his will. The sad part over here is that I can’t change very much anymore. It’s all figured out (for now;).

  2. It might be figured out, but there’s always room for improvement, eh? 😉

  3. kmdutchlife says:

    Ange! You are so funny… I can just see you sitting there looking around and Josh noticing! Kees likes decorating our home much more than I thought and he has is idea’s about almost everything. I think Josh is the same way. But once everything is done, Kees is done too! HeHe.

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