Book Recommendation: Washington’s Lady

What happened to my teenage years when my nose was always stuck in a book?  In the past few years, I have done very little reading of fiction.  Not that I don’t enjoy it.  I love a good story but have several impediments to devouring fiction like I used to:

1) Time- If I read a book now, it now takes me quite a while to finish it, and so if it’s not a book that I can pick up where I left off easily, it’s not a book for me.

2) Internet- I now read a lot of articles on the internet and therefore have less time for fiction.

3) Trashy fiction- I don’t feel comfortable grabbing any old book from the public library.  I’ve worked at a library, and I realize that a lot of fiction has themes or scenes I’d rather avoid.

4) Trashy “Christian” fiction- I have a huge beef with a lot of Christian fiction (much of it is unrealistic, poorly written, has the same old plot, and is boring)

And so I’m pleased to recommend a book that I actually enjoyed recently.  Washington’s Lady (by Nancy Moser) is a historical fiction novel based on the life of Martha Washington.  I knew little about her, but came away from the book with a deep appreciation for her and her role in her husband’s life.


I have read one other book by Nancy Moser, titled Mozart’s Sister, which I also loved.

Perhaps I’ve found a new author that I can thoroughly enjoy!

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2 Responses to Book Recommendation: Washington’s Lady

  1. Dor says:

    I haven’t read those, but am currently reading “Just Jane” by her, on Jane Austen. Very interesting if you are into biographies. This is my fiction book of the year, alas. I am almost half-way and have been reading it for 2 months! Not much time to read, these days. But, ACTUALLY, the books I DO read in such a slow manner I remember thoroughly several years later, versus those books you read in a day or two and are forgotten a month or two later…

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