That Devious Cat

Cats are smart.

We have an indoor/outdoor cat named Bubba.  He stays outside whenever we leave the house and at night.  He’s allowed indoors during the day if we’re home.

Almost every morning, Bubba trots out of his shed he sleeps in and meows at the door to be let in.  We are in a rush getting ready for work, eating breakfast, and making our lunches.  We let him in, however, and he usually curls up to sleep on an old blanket.  Josh then leaves for work, and I finish getting ready for school.  When I’m ready to leave, I scoop up Bubba, deposit him outside, and leave.

Bubba is smart.

Unfortunately, Bubba has now learned the routine and he has become devious.  When I put my coat on, he knows it’s the cold outdoors for him.  And so he plots and plans a sneaky strategy.

When I go to scoop him up:

He’s not in the kitchen, the dining room…….nor the living room….

 or is he???

Do I see something dark and fluffy under the couch?

And so I have to crawl under the couch and haul out a yowling, protesting cat.  The little stinker!

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2 Responses to That Devious Cat

  1. Dor says:

    Damaris is laughing. She loved this story 🙂

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