Step One Done: Paint Dining Room

My dining room is getting a mini transformation.  Step one was painting the walls, which I did this past week.  They were bright yellow, and I changed them to Pebble Rock (Benjamin Moore).  The new color is really neat in that it looks cream or gray or beige with a hint of green, depending on the lighting.  The room is quite neutral now, but my color accents really *POP*.





Step Two: clean up my desk area in the dining room (not shown in these pictures).  I’m partway there, but still need to paint a small cupboard before I can show you pics.

Step Three: work on accents

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5 Responses to Step One Done: Paint Dining Room

  1. Joanne says:

    am liking it….isn’t it fun to do??? I have plans too, but it’s just getting down to doing them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I liked it wery much! Wery nice! 🙂

  3. The only problem with reading your blog is that I get itchy to repaint my whole house too! You have such a fabulous sense of style.

    I don’t mind the job at all, but Brad thinks, “It’s perfect just the way it is!”

    • Thanks, Jacinda. I have the same thing with Josh! He thinks things are perfect the way they are. And so, without trying to get too obsessed with decor, I make little changes, one at a time. Btw, I enjoy seeing what you have done to your home also! 🙂

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