Computer Desk Journey

Remember my coffee table journey?

Well, I can’t quite beat that story, but my computer desk journey comes close.  When we were first married, we started off with my old computer desk.  I don’t have a pic of it, but it wasn’t my style.  So we sold it on Craig’s List and bought another one off of Craig’s list, making a little bit of money:

(excuse the mess)

I’m embarrassed to say this, but the reason that I bought the above desk was that after we found it on Craig’s List and went to the guy’s house to look at it, I couldn’t say “no”.  That’s right.  It was one of my first purchases off Craig’s List, and I couldn’t say that I didn’t like it in front of the owner.  So I bought it.  (Since then, I’ve learned my lesson and can definitely say “no”)

I didn’t like the style, I didn’t like the color of the wood, and it was too small.  So, unbeknownst to Josh, I started scheming how to get rid of it.  A while later, we stumbled upon this old office desk and bought it.

(excuse the mess, haha)

It was beat up, faded, ugly, but large.  So I sold my other desk (for a profit) and went to work on the new one. I painted the top an antique white and then applied a counter-top product to give it a tough finish.  I then spray painted the legs a colonial red.  Ta-da!

Lots of room for both Josh and me, and it has held up quite well for many months.

And now I have to paint the hutch on the left the same antique white to match the desk and the file cabinet on the right.

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7 Responses to Computer Desk Journey

  1. Joanne says:

    ha ha! i’ve kind of done the same thing. bought a second hand hutch off marktplaats (like craig’s list) and because it was cheaper than any other’s i’d seen and in someone’s rather dimly lit house i bought it on the spot. then when wouter and i came to pick it up in broad daylight i had to swallow hard and feign enthusiasm to wouter for the old tank i’d bought. it’s still sitting in our house and looks nice (in the dim evening light) 🙂 Long live 2nd hand stuff!!!!!!!

  2. navesfamily says:

    I have a hard time saying no too 🙂 The second desk looks great!
    just wondering if you could look at my blog and give me advice on the bedroom set I’m contemplating to refinish. I’d love a suggestion from you 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice job on the desk! Is your picnic table still in the kitchen too? I think it’s cool to have one in the kitchen cause no one has that!

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