Even the Cat Must Be Healthy!

Maybe you’re aware that I’m on a mini health kick right now.  I’m trying to eat a little healthier and exercise more.  One of the best parts is that Josh is on board- for the most part.  He facetiously asked me the other day that if he exercised more, could he have more whipped cream on his coffee?

When I first married him, he only liked iceberg lettuce.  Then we moved on to romaine, red leaf, green leaf, and Boston lettuce.  This past week we had a pure spinach salad with feta cheese, candied walnuts (so easy to make!), and a homemade dressing.  It was delicious and Josh LOVED it!

In the snack aisle, we usually picked whatever potato chips were on sale.  Now we’re trying to be a little more healthy, choosing veggie sticks, baked chips, etc.  Sometimes Doritos still make it into our cart, but we’re getting better.  🙂  And why not indulge once in a while?

Both of us don’t care for fruit.  We used to buy a cluster of grapes, for example, and after two days of eating them, get sick of them.  So now we’re buying (as an example) two bananas, two oranges, two kiwis, two apples, etc.  In that way we won’t get so sick of having the same fruit for a week straight.

And even our cat (Mr. Bubba) has no choice but to be healthy.  🙂

He’s highly offended and doesn’t think he needs to lose weight.

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4 Responses to Even the Cat Must Be Healthy!

  1. beingjulz says:

    Cute post. My cats tend to have the same opinion of healthy food.

  2. tulsamom says:

    Have you ever tried frozen grapes as a snack? You don’t have to worry about them going bad that way and they taste great.

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