Delicious (and healthy) Meal

There is something deliciously satisfying about cooking a meal  or making baked goods from scratch.  When I’m rushed, meals can be a quick ordeal of tossing boxed food into a pan (mac n’ cheese?), but when I give myself time, it’s immensely gratifying to muck around in the kitchen.  Of course, it’s always nice when your husband washes the dishes as you continuously make them dirty!

Last night, we had a scrumptious spinach salad and some yummy Pan-Seared Tilapia.  For the spinach salad, I bought fresh spinach and dressed it with:

-fresh strawberries

-caramelized walnuts (which I did myself)

-feta cheese

-a homemade dressing (I use the dressing from this recipe, but not the recipe itself)

These flavors burst and blend together bite after bite.  YUM!

For the Pan-Seared Tilapia, I followed this recipe, which brings delectable results every time.

Do you have any healthy recipes that make your mouth water?

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4 Responses to Delicious (and healthy) Meal

  1. BF says:

    MMMMMM! That looks really good, especially that fish. I may have to try that.

  2. Lora says:

    I am going to try that fish.. I have some in the freezer with which I didn’t know what to do. The dressing looks better than mine, is it quite acidic? Mine is a little too sharp. Thanks for sharing those recipes 🙂

    • The salad dressing isn’t acidic. I also had a recipe that would make me sweat when I ate it. I think with this recipe, the honey makes it much sweeter and thicker. I love it! I also changed a few of the spices, using what I had in my cupboards, but I basically kept it the same.

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