Pulling Spring into my Home

The warm Spring weather has inspired me to toss out the tired everygreeny things and pull in some sunshiny decor.

And so my opa’s old tool box has now been moved (and emptied)…

 …to my dining room:

Somewhat random items were placed in it:

a metal watering can

a red tin bucket

a galvanized flower pot

old tools used by my opa

The real Spring element, however, is IN the pots:

Tulips peep through in the red tin.

Daffodils stretch upwards in the watering can.

Can’t wait until the centerpiece grows to perfection!

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3 Responses to Pulling Spring into my Home

  1. Lora says:

    You are really moving things around! I noticed your couch is in front of the windows. I like your arrangement. Can’t wait to see pics of it in bloom. Btw it was 74 here today, the kids were off b/c of parent teacher conferences and boy did we enjoy the weather 🙂

  2. beingjulz says:

    Love it! I’m so ready for spring to settle in fully… But why wait when you can just bring it into being inside.

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