Building Some Muscle

I thought I would blog more on Spring Break, especially since logically speaking I would have more time.  But no.  We have projects on the go.  Since the weather is warm, they are outdoor projects which require muscle of which I have plenty.  We have several eyesores around our property left by the previous owner and compounded by us.  They are areas that consist of piled up cement rock, debris, rotten boards, old tarps, an old wheel barrow, a torn-apart piano, etc.  In the midst of the junk are some ornamental rocks that we are also moving to our current gardens to add some interest and structure.

Here’s one place we’re cleaning up:

Hopefully this place in the end will consist of one spruced-up tree, a blueberry garden, and grass.  That’s it.

We’ve debated what to DO with all that junk and finally decided to load it up on a truck and trailer (thanks Dad!) and then unload it at the dumpster place.  Repeat 2 or hopefully not 3 times.

See why I don’t have time to blog?

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4 Responses to Building Some Muscle

  1. Lora says:

    When you’re done you can come to our place and clean out our woods. Oops that’s not junk, that’s the kids town called Roxaboxin. (too be featured in a post soon 🙂
    it’s very satisfying de-junkafying isn’t it?

  2. Sandra says:

    Shame, shame Ange! And you being such an organizer with such a dump hidden in your back yard?! 😉 Our little Dutch yard doesn’t allow any space or privacy (!) for such eyesores… 🙂

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