Sunny Daffodils and Bursts of Tulips

I know that there are many picture out there of lovely daffodils and tulips.  But there is something completely satisfying when the flowers are my flowersgracing my gardens.  And so here are some spots of sunshine that cheer me every day.

the daffodil garden (still a work-in-progress):

        the tulip garden (still a work-in-progress):


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4 Responses to Sunny Daffodils and Bursts of Tulips

  1. Lorraine says:

    Beautiful pics Andrea! (I also mean the few posts previous to this one) LOVE water pictures and your crocus’ are gorgeous. I’m not a morning person but forced to be out fairly early when driving the bus and so many times I wish I had a camera to capture beautiful sun rises, deer etc. Though they are not pictures of MY gardens…..I still enjoyed them.

  2. Lora says:

    Hey Ange, I like your daffodils! You have some cool varieties. I want to keep adding to mine. Right now they are spread over different gardens. Isn’t spring just a great time of year? Especially this year b/c it’s lasting so long.

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