Outdoor Baked Taters and Onions

They were delectable!  They were exquisite!  We wanted more!

It started when Josh noticed that our outdoor fire pit was full of really hot ashes from the bonfire we had had the previous evening.  We had just finished a very light supper and were going to go for a walk when we had the brilliant idea of cooking a potato in the ashes while we were gone.  So I cut up a red skinned potato and some onion, and then I seasoned it with lemon pepper and seasoning salt.  I then popped a tablespoon of butter on top and rolled up the whole thing in foil.  Josh stuck it in the ashes, and then we went on our merry way.

45 minutes later, we were home again and trotted expectantly over to the fire pit with a renewed hunger.  Would the taters and onions be burnt?  Would they be undercooked?

Perfecto! (if only we had done two taters…)

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2 Responses to Outdoor Baked Taters and Onions

  1. Dor says:

    Sweet! You two must compete for creative ideas 🙂

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