Goodbye Spring Sugar Peas

Today is the first day of summer, although it seemed to have arrived days ago according to my personal sweat index. Although summer is here to stay, I’m still enjoying the last pickings of my spring crop of sugar peas (also called snow peas).

I didn’t grow up eating sugar peas and was only introduced to them a few years ago.  Now I can’t get enough of them!

On the left is our spinach which has bolted and is done for the season. On the right is our sugar peas, which are almost finished producing.

Sugar peas are an easy vegetable to prepare:

Step 1: Pick sugar peas. Pick them while they are still young, about the length of your index finger or a little smaller. If they get too large, their texture will be tough and stringy.

Step 2: Cut off stems (or both ends) of sugar peas. In this picture, they still have their stems on.

Step 3: Rinse sugar peas, boil water, and steam them for 3-4 minutes.

Step 4: Mix with a little butter and your favorite vegetable seasoning.

Step 5: Eat them whole and try to restrain yourself from gobbling them up!

Quick tip: When buying seeds, try to find a variety that produces thin sugar peas. Josh and I personally enjoy the sugar pea on the right better than the thicker one on the left.

So why not plant your own sugar peas next spring, or better yet, this fall?

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3 Responses to Goodbye Spring Sugar Peas

  1. kmdutchlife says:

    I love them too! We don’t eat them like you do but more mixed in with other vegetables. I don’t have a steamer. Is there any other way to steam them without the pan you have? I would like to try it! I was introduced to them here in Holland.

    • Which other veggies do you mix them with? As for steaming, you could totally boil them instead, or else you can buy a metal basket steamer thing that fits into any sized pot. Supposedly steaming vegetables is healthier than boiling them, although a few veggies don’t turn out well when they’re steamed (carrots being one example).

      • kmdutchlife says:

        I eat them with a wok meal package they sell here in Holland. I add mushrooms and zucchini. I can’t eat onions because it’s too strong for Jayden. I’ve heard that steaming veggies is healthier too but I never steam them. I don’t have one. I will look around for one. Do you steam veggies regularly?

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