Front Door Wreath From Scratch

A few posts ago, I was advised that a wreath would perk up my front entrance:

And so, being stuck in the DIY mode, I rumaged around in my basement, did a little shopping, and went to work.

Materials needed:  wreath base, flowers, burlap, scissors, wire clipper, hot glue gun, time, and imagination!

In order to the assemble the wreath, I cut individual flowers off their stems and then  folded a strip of burlap into a bow.  I arranged the whole wreath to my liking, disassembled it, and then used hot glue to hold each piece in place.  I picked up a cool tip on someone’s blog: after the wreath is finished, go over your wreath with a blow dryer and watch the multitudes of hot glue thread vanish!  It worked like a charm!

And here’s the after:


Wreath base: $7 (I already had it)

Flowers: $10 (60% off)

Hot glue: $1 (I already had it)

Burlap: $1 (I already had it)

Suction Cup Hook: $1



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2 Responses to Front Door Wreath From Scratch

  1. Irene says:

    I love it Ange! It’s so fresh

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