Busy, busy, busy

You thought I was on vacation these past weeks due to the lack of posts?  Think again.  I’ve been working, sweating, crashing and working some more day by day.  I’m up when the sun’s up, taking advantage of the somewhat cool mornings (no AC over here!).  Then comes the working until lunch, then comes the sweating until mid afternoon, then comes the crashing until evening, and then the day finally ends with some more work.

Gardening has become my morning chore.  Besides the major watering of plants and some weeding, here are the two other gardening things I’ve done in the past week.

Before: the side garden along our shed was a disaster of weeds.


Josh found an old bike and I planted clematis (which will grow up it) and four peonies.

The clematis will have white flowers next year and will hopefully twine around the whole bike.

The peonies will fill out in the next years and their blossoms will be pinkish white.

Before: our wild patch of land behind the shed was mostly cleared of vines and shrubs earlier this Spring, but it was still completely uneven and not level:

This picture still shows the wood, brush, and trees which we got rid of earlier this spring.

After two and a half hours of hoeing and raking this morning (did I tell you how exhausting and exhilarating it is?)….

We still have to pull up a few weeds, but this fall the are will be ready for grass seed.

Besides gardening, I have a few home projects on the go.  The first one is something I’ve put off for a while now: baseboards.  I never completely finished our guest room due to this final task.  The boards had to be replaced or refinished due to paint smears and other damage:

 Since it was cheaper (in money, not labor) to DIY, I’ve been spending my hours pounding out nails and then sanding them.  I finally finished sanding them today, and will be staining them later this week.

So get those thoughts of me lounging around and sipping frappes out of your mind.  It’s not happening…. for the most part!

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3 Responses to Busy, busy, busy

  1. Jeanette says:

    Wow ange!! you’re such a home maker!! I love reading your posts…

  2. joanne says:

    You go girl!!!! Today’s my last day of school and I’ve been eyeing the projects around here, itching to get organized!

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