Finicky Fun Fussing with Floor Plans

Alas, I didn’t win a home renovation contest that I had spent hours on.  But I had a lot of fun dreaming!  It was fascinating to figure out what Josh and I could do with this old house if we had the $.  Here are two floor plans that I monkeyed around with.  The first one is our current floor plan, and the second one is the proposed renovation.  I used this tool to help me, and although the results are by no means professional, I think they are still quite accurate.

Do you enjoy the finicky fun of fussing with floor plans, or am I crazy?!

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4 Responses to Finicky Fun Fussing with Floor Plans

  1. Lora says:

    You know how I LOVE to play with floor plans. Your plan looks great! Very practical, and updated without ripping the whole house apart. Too bad you didn’t win :.(

    • I think one of the problems with my plan is that it would have taken too much time to do. Once the contest was over, they mentioned that it would have to be done in one week, which would have pushed it too much. Oh well.

  2. Dor says:

    I loved figuring out the plans for our sunroom! Sometimes would do that instead of necessary housework, ahem! Now it’s done and I’m back to the housework 🙂 One suggestion before Josh starts smashing walls down (LOL); sometimes it’s nice to have the office/computer in the family room, so that when someone’s fussing in the kitchen you can still chat together. It would also give more room for seating in the library/piano room for if you have 4 or 5 guests over or a sing-song or something… Ain’t it fun?! I’m tempted to check out that “tool”, but not now! Better iron, instead!

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