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The Scholten Spa

The Itinerary: *girl talk (top secret) *YUMMY food (healthy and unhealthy!) * laughter (lots of it) *pedicures (foot soak, massage and nails) A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself! Advertisements

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Can Healthy Living Become Too High of a Priority?

Ready for some philosophical ramblings? I love learning about how the body works, reading up on how certain foods can affect one’s health, and finding “natural” remedies that WORK!  So many people go straight to the medicine cabinet and pop … Continue reading

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Chuck Your Chap Stick!

How I loved my Chap Stick! Maybe some of you can relate to my addiction.  I was putting on Chap Stick ALL the time!  I HAD to put it on after I brushed my teeth, while driving, throughout my work … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Visitors

This morning we had some visitors in our front yard. I saw a rafter of wild turkeys: Josh saw a free thanksgiving dinner walking away: I better hide his gun!  

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If at first you don’t succeed…give up?

It seems like my pickle-making fiasco shut down my blog, lol.  Or perhaps it was the lack of success in several endeavors.  Have you ever tried something once, twice, or three times and failed every time? It’s frustrating and humbling, … Continue reading

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