If at first you don’t succeed…give up?

It seems like my pickle-making fiasco shut down my blog, lol.  Or perhaps it was the lack of success in several endeavors.  Have you ever tried something once, twice, or three times and failed every time?

It’s frustrating and humbling, especially when it goes hand in hand with pride.  Let’s just say I’ve fallen in my mind from an “advanced” baker (like I ever was!) to a gal who still has a lot to learn.

First it was the pickles.  Although my pickling episode (using the cucumbers and dill from my very own garden) resulted in beautiful jars of pickles, the taste and texture were off.  The pickles were extremely sour and burned my throat, and they were way too crunchy.  Josh wouldn’t even try them!

But I was persistent.  I decided to try a fermenting kind of pickle.  I followed the directions to a “t”, including the oak leaf placed at the bottom of the huge jar.  The result?  moldy pickles.

I scrapped the pickle idea.  Next up was homemade mayonnaise.  All the internet enthusiasts said it tasted delicious.  I was even so set on making it, that although we needed more mayo in the house, I didn’t buy any when picking up groceries because I was confident I could do it.

The first try resulted in a wild beating with a whisk and in the end no mayonnaise and plenty of sore arm.   But I was not going to give up.  With a new recipe in hand, I decided to use my hand mixer.  This time I was almost successful.  The mayonnaise was forming, and the quick spoonful that I took tasted delicious.  But then the whole thing separated back into the oil and eggs, and that was the end of that.  The third time I tried, I decided to use my blender.  That was a flop from beginning to end.  I gave up.

My most recent failure was pie crust.  I had been trying to master it from scratch about 3-5 times in the past years.  It never turned out flaky and buttery.  This year, Josh wanted a pie for his birthday and so I set out once more to try again.  With a handy list of tips from cookbooks, family, and online, I was sure I could do this.  Well, long story short, I ended up buying a frozen pie from the ladies at school.  It was very delicious and technically “homemade”, but not from my kitchen (besides baking it).

So instead of having all these wonderful posts in the past months about making delicious things from scratch, I come to you empty-handed.  I do, however, want to eventually try all three things again when I’m feeling courageous, and I might even try making homemade yogurt.

But for now, with the weather getting much cooler, I’m feeling the itch to start decorating/renovating again, and so perhaps some projects will come your way (as long as they don’t flop!).

“If at first you don’t succeed….wait a few months and try, try again!”

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2 Responses to If at first you don’t succeed…give up?

  1. Doreen says:

    Oh Ange, aren’t those the frustrating days! For when you dare to try again, didn’t “French Women Don’t Get Fat” have a homemade mayo recipe with a trick to rectify your mistakes? And I have a successful pie crust recipe – not flaky, but good – but it’s a lot of work. I found a super easy recipe I’m going to try instead. I’ll let you know if it’s not a flop!

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