Chuck Your Chap Stick!

How I loved my Chap Stick!

Maybe some of you can relate to my addiction.  I was putting on Chap Stick ALL the time!  I HAD to put it on after I brushed my teeth, while driving, throughout my work day, and definitely before I went to bed.  In fact, I would drag myself out of bed if I realized I had forgotten.  I was putting it on 6-10 times a day! What was wrong with my lips? Was it just a bad habit?

I loved the moisture that came with the Chap Stick, but a few hours later my lips would feel dry and another application was in order.

But then one day I read something in a marketing book.  That led me to do a little research myself and perform an experiment. Hmmmm…


1) Chap Stick has some very iffy ingredients:

  • camphor- makes the lips feel cool initially but is a drying ingredient
  • cetyl alcohol- dries out lips
  • lanolin- irritating to lips
  • paraben- irritating to lips

2) By stopping my excessive use of Chap Stick and switching to petroleum jelly instead, I’ve reduced my lip-moisturizing regimen to only two times a day.

 Ever wonder why Chap Stick included those ingredients in the first place?

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13 Responses to Chuck Your Chap Stick!

  1. Cherise says:

    I totally agree! It is crazy isn’t it? I gave up chap stick a while ago because I noticed that petroleum jelly was working much better too! Sometimes I wonder the same thing about lotion. Whatever ingredient they have in there to make it ‘dry faster’ while you are rubbing it on I think only dries out the skin instead of truly moisturizing the skin.

    • I sometimes wonder about lotion too! I’ve heard that if you dry brush, your skin will naturally moisturize itself much better. I haven’t done it consistently enough yet to see if it works however.

  2. Doreen says:

    Right on! I switched to petroleum jelly two years ago too. Works much better: simply keeps the moisture in and the dry air out. Speaking of skin lotion, cetaphyl is a really good lotion. Not super cheap, but not terribly expensive either, as a little goes a long way. I had a little spot of exzeme (don’t know how to spell that), very dry skin, and the pharmacist showed me that lotion. The trick though, he said, is to not dry off your skin after a shower or washing your face. Let it air dry a little and put the lotion on to trap the moisture in… seems to be working!

  3. Irene says:

    Hmmm, I remember you talking about this Ange. interesting! So how about in the winter if you have very chapped lips and need to apply the petroleum jelly a little more often – do you keep a little jar or tube in your purse? Is it even available in small containers? I’m just thinking of our big jar at home and imagining stuffing it in my purse ;). How about more “natural” products like Burts Bees – do you think that has bad ingredients?

    • About petroleum jelly, you can get it in small tubes. The brand that carries it is Vasaline. About Burts Bees, from what I could see, it seems pretty good. The only ingredient it has in it is lanolin, which can cause irritation. But it doesn’t contain the other ingredients which are considered drying. So it’s probably a safe bet.

  4. I’m a chapstick-aholic too! No one else in my family is, and I’ve always wondered if I had a problem 😛 Anyway, I will occasionally use coconut oil as well, and I do like Burts Bees too – I wonder if the latter has iffy ingredients too…

  5. Sandra says:

    What about blistex? I use that on average twice a day. Isn’t that similar to petroleum jelly?

    • Sorry, but blistex is similar to Chap Stick, from what I looked up. It also has menthol, cetyl alcohol, and camphor (which cool your lips but dry them out in the long run). Blistex also has parabens and lanolin (which can irritate the lips). But if you can use it twice a day and still feel like your lips are fine, I would say that you’re probably not as sensitive to the ingredients. Each person can have their own reactions to certain ingredients, and so I wouldn’t change unless you feel the need to.

  6. Doreen says:

    Hey, I thought lanolin is supposed to be good (unless you’re allergic for some reason, I guess). It’s 100% natural and comes from sheep’s wool! I have pure lanolin at home. It looks and works like petroleum jelly, but think, extra extra thick, and nearly air and waterproof…

    • You’re right about lanolin being natural, etc. It is listed as a possible skin irritant, however. I’m guessing that just because it’s natural, it doesn’t mean that it can’t irritate sensitive skin (obviously many natural things can’t be rubbed on our skin). I DO think that for most people it’s fine. 🙂

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