Can Healthy Living Become Too High of a Priority?

Ready for some philosophical ramblings?

I love learning about how the body works, reading up on how certain foods can affect one’s health, and finding “natural” remedies that WORK!  So many people go straight to the medicine cabinet and pop pills whenever something is malfunctioning in their body.  Headache? Tylenol.  Back ache? Advil.  Stuffed Nose? Sudafed. And on and on….

As I learn more about the body and as I talk with others about finding natural ways to deal with things, I am amazed by how complex, intricate, and delicate our bodies are.  I have become more aware of how important sleep, nutrition, exercise, water, and so many other things are.


In the end, what are my expectations? If I do A, B, and C correctly, can I expect perfect health and energy every day? Am I obsessing too much over all the information that comes my way? Do I become upset when others interrupt or mess up my health regimen (not enough sleep, no time to exercise, missing water bottle, etc.)?  Am I running out to find the natural “cure” for every little ache and pain I have?  Am I gullible and spending too much money on “natural” pills that promise complete health and vitality?  At what point do I have to say that I live in a fallen world and so some days I just have to live with whatever bodily pains I have?

I personally struggle with a lot of headaches.  I’ve tried a few different things, with little success so far.  I’m still hoping that someday I’ll find the “cure,” but until then, I still have to work, dinner still has to be made, and homework still needs to be graded.  I’m not perfect.  I lay down sometimes and sleep the afternoon away when the pain is really bad.  I pop pills at times.  But I try to not let my headache become such a priority that I can’t get anything else accomplished.

And the bonus? Having these continuous headaches causes me to long for heaven and perfection all the more.  I won’t find it here on earth, even if I follow all the scientific research on healthy living.

What is your perspective?

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4 Responses to Can Healthy Living Become Too High of a Priority?

  1. Nicolette says:

    I think it is good to look for natural cures if possible. I’ve been getting headaches and often if i think about it it is a result of not drinking enough water. Sometimes its because I am addicted to caffeine and if I suddenly skip my morning cup of coffee, I feel it later. On the other hand, I do pop pills when I have to. Also, in the case of Juliet, imagine where she would be without all of the powerful drugs she has started taking! She would not be alive for much longer, despite whatever natural remedies are out there!

  2. Doreen says:

    Ange, I agree that a person can become obsessed about their health. It’s one thing to read up on a certain problem and find a solution, but it’s another to have this whole health-oriented regime which, when interrupted, you get annoyed about. We are called to care for our bodies, but called also to love our neighbors as ourselves. This might mean missing time for exercise, sleep, needed rest, etc. It’s always a hard balance, but we probably tend to err on the side of selfishness rather than over-expending our energies to serve, console, or simply rejoice with others!

  3. Lora says:

    We can make anything our idol… Our health, appearance, food etc. For me red flags always go up when I hear someone talking almost exclusively about their new diet, new remedy, new whatever else. Especially when they are into one certain guru who is then quoted and apparently has all the answers….
    MODERATION, folks. I get headaches a lot too…. It’s a family weakness. But I know some of the triggers: hydration, not enough sleep, stress and clenching my teeth in sleep (also related to stress). So I try to stay on top of it, but I do pop pills probably on average once a week. They work and I can function then.

  4. Marcia says:

    It sounds as though you are already on to the necessity of good hydration, but I’ll tell you what I heard on NPR’s “Good Doctors Don’t Lie” program a number of years ago; the number 1 cause of headaches is dehydration.
    And yes, one’s health can become an obsession, especially for hypochondriacs. On the other hand, it’s a good practice to be in tune with how you feel in case there is something seriously wrong. Balance!

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