Stop Wanting and Start Doing

Why don’t I more often live life, instead of observing it through the computer screen (facebook, pinterest, blogs, etc)? I can wistfully look at dozens of beautiful pictures of baking/cooking/decorating/old-fashioned-living/nature/crafts and feel inspired. But too often more time is spent looking at the pictures than actually doing any of it.  Perhaps that is why my blog has been lifeless.  Lately I haven’t been living.  (Of course, having the flu for two weeks doesn’t help!)

This morning I had a glimpse, a taste, and now I want more. At 8:00, I was outside shoveling snow.  Initially, I would have much rather been in bed (as a door on its hinges), or perhaps sipping tea behind the computer. But Josh got up early, did some snow-blowing, we had breakfast together, and then it was up to the wife to finish the job by shovel.

It was gorgeous.  Everything was still. The road was covered with snow and the occasional car that drove by made hardly a stir.  All was quiet until a sudden frenzy of noise took me by surprise.  Birds flocked around our two feeders and suet, vying for spots.  The trees above twittered down to me. The air was filled with whirling wings: up and down from branches to feeder and back. Nuthatches, woodpeckers, goldfinches, chickadees, and sparrows all had their fill.  I watched for a while and then cleared and topped off the feeders with more seed.

Then the glow started: sunrise across the street through ancient pine trees and old gravestones capped with white.  Beautiful.  I stopped and leaned on my shovel for a few minutes. I didn’t want to run and get my camera for fear of missing it. The blankets of snow turned a blushing peach, and beams of golden sunlight filtered through the towering trees.  The 3 foot long icicles on the neighbors house became sparkling diamonds. Why, if I had been lollygagging on the computer, I would have missed it all!

Even the push, heave, toss, repeat of shoveling felt good. It was heavy, wet snow and I was soon warm with effort. A path to the shed would be appreciated by my cat and a cleared deck by my husband.

An hour later, I was inspired.  The kind of inspired to actually DO something creative. Yes, dishes and homework and housecleaning are all calling me.  But today there will be more.  I will not float from housework to the computer and back. I will not look at projects online.  It’s time for me to live.



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7 Responses to Stop Wanting and Start Doing

  1. Joanne says:

    Good for you, Ange!! I’m also an armchair decorator with loads of things I want to do without the get and go to do them!

  2. Lora says:

    Great post Ange! I struggle with dreaming vs doing too. Yesterday I went outside in the cold just because Annika wanted too (I didn’t ). I ended up splitting kindling for 15/20 minutes and it felt really good to do some physical work. Looks like I’ll have lots of opportunity to shovel snow now too. Maybe 18 inches worth?

  3. Nicolette says:

    hi ange! love your post! what a good reminder! now to go outside and fill the bird feeders here…. (they are going crazy over the few seeds that remain!!!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’re writing to all of us who are here lollygagging on the computer – ha ha! I just read a quote (in a BOOK not a blog 🙂 written many years ago by someone who said we are always getting ready to live, instead of living… Have a good weekend DOING something! We will too 🙂

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