A Lesson I’ve Still Not Learned

I’m sure this post will only be of general interest to females, and so if you’re a male, you might not want to waste your time.

Yesterday afternoon, burning questions  rang through my mind: “Why do I always do this? Why can’t I learn my lesson?  Will people notice? How can I disguise the damage?”

The absurd act always begins with a glance in the mirror.  Then a questioning.  Should I get bangs (if I currently don’t have them)?  Do they need to be trimmed (if I already have them)?

And usually, with an impulse I can hardly understand myself, out come the scissors, and I chop myself some new bangs. (This has happened at least 5+ times). Now, if they looked great, I would be thrilled with saving myself some money.  But they never do.  No matter how carefully I try, they either seem to drastically shrink and are WAY too short, or else they’re crooked.

One memory I have was the night before Dan and Esther’s wedding.  Josh and I were to be the MC’s.  I don’t know why, but I decided to cut my bangs. Without realizing it, I raised my eyebrows, measured how long to cut, and snipped away.  Then my eyebrows came down, my bangs shot up, and a shriek came out. Josh and Irene came flying up to see what was the matter.  They couldn’t stop laughing when they saw the short fringe of bangs floating on my forehead. I called my sister Doreen, wailed my misery to her, and she promised to help.  By pulling some more hair forward, she cut some longer “bangs” to help disguise the short ones.  Then I slicked them to the side.  In the end, it looked way better, but still a little silly. (If you look carefully, you can see how short the short bangs were!)

DSC_0156newDid I learn my lesson?  No, because last night was the same.  A few hours before house visitation (not that it has anything to do with it), I did it again.  And was horrified again.  The bangs were way too short!  When Josh got home, he didn’t notice for the first hour or so.  “YES!” I thought.  “They can’t be too bad.”  Then, after dinner, he looked at me, shaking his head.  “You cut your bangs again, didn’t you?”  I nodded miserably, with no good excuse to offer. He had heard them far too many times.  “At least you’ll blend in with your students!” he laughed.

Maybe now I’ve learned my lesson?

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10 Responses to A Lesson I’ve Still Not Learned

  1. kmdutchlife says:

    Oh andrea!
    You make me laugh! I just got mine cut but a hairdresser did it. I would help you if I could but I’m to far away to make more longer bangs. I hope you did learn your lesson this time! Why don’t you go to a hairdressers and get more longer bangs???


  2. Irene says:

    Haha! oh ange. I’ve been on a bang cutting binge lately too! and I’m so bummed at my last attempt – trying to attempt the straight across the forehead look :P. Oh well, at least the damage isn’t irreversible!

  3. Lora says:

    Heee heeee! Definitely something I can relate too! However I’ve been able to curb my impulses because now I have Annika’s bangs to cut! And she pulls up her eyebrows too…. Fortunately her hair grows fast!

  4. Nicolette says:

    hey ange, i DO like you with bangs!!! i like the picture of you at the wedding! but i now the feeling!!!

    • Thanks, Nic! I do like bangs too, just not too short! 🙂 Remember when you had bangs cut straight across and somewhat shorter? I thought you looked cute then too, but more modern.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ha! I know the urge and have done so mamy times!!! But john hates them enoigh thst i dont do it anymore. But…remember girls, the bangs cutting spree at jos when we All cut our bangs….and woth a dull kitchen scissors?!:O 😛

  5. Joanne says:

    Hi girls,

    I still have pictures of us on our knees with a garbage can cutting bangs…ha ha.,,even now when I go to the hairdresser, I ask for short bangs b/c I’m a cheap dutchie and don’t feel like going back in 4 weeks. and then they’re too short…so out comes the straightener and I go for the super straight bangs look.

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