Spring Things

Spring has arrived with gorgeous warm days, little humidity, cool nights, and loads of flowers.  I with I could hang on to Spring just a little longer!

Here’s what is happening around my house:

the beginnings of my GIANT hosta…I love how they start off:


a new trellis that we bought at the school auction last fall- sugar peas will soon be covering its sides:


lungwort: such pretty flowers and delicate, spotted leaves:


the few tulips that did come up again this year are gorgeous:

DSC_3075 DSC_3076

Our bleeding hearts- they are such great shade plants:

DSC_3079 DSC_3080

our new raspberry patch with a row of spinach growing along the left…I’m thinking that in another week or so we can have a fresh spinach salad:


We thought that our two peach trees wouldn’t make it because their trunks were vigorously chewed on by some animal, but they not only survived, they have blossomed:



Our wild cherry tree is dressed in lacy white….although it looks quite straggly during the rest of the season, it makes up for it now:


One of our birdhouses is occupied by house sparrows.  I know, I know…they’re an invasive species, but at this point I think it’s so cute to see them working away.  It’s fun to have a sneak peak into what they’re up to.  No babies yet:

This picture was taken two days ago, and by now, our seven lilac bushes (some large and some small) have exploded.  It’s instant perfume when you step out the door:DSC_3095

And of course here is the infamous Codi, a most adorable and exasperating dog we’re currently taking care of.  I will definitely have to write a post about her soon:

DSC_3096 DSC_3099

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2 Responses to Spring Things

  1. Anonymous says:

    yay! you are back! i love your posts, ange! and cody is the cutest thing ever!!!! keep him! isn’t spring the best?

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